Abundance Practices for Changemakers

Abundance Practices for Changemakers

I come back to the work of abundance because scarcity – like shame – isn’t a driver for a more just and regenerative world.

Capitalism will tell us that scarcity is a driver of innovation, a force behind creativity.

But I wonder where the stretches of our imagination and creativity could lie if we were to rest in being safe and satisfied? If our needs were met, what would still call upon each of us to be created or born?

Abundance is an experience we have not collectively felt for a long time. It was removed from our systems, the word branded as new age fringe, or woo.

Now is its time for reclamation.

So here are some simple abundance practices you can begin, designed by and for changemakers.

1. Share Resources.

Our world enforces scarcity in part by teaching us that everyone ‘needs to have their own’, and removing our shared common resources & spaces.

So let’s rebel. Join a:

  • Shared tool shed
  • A library
  • Community garden
  • A clothes swap
  • A co-op
  • A Pay It Forward group.
  • Stock (or use) a community fridge
  • Attend free concerts, lectures, seminars and webinars.

2. Beauty.

Find symbols of beauty, and place them everywhere.

Enjoy fresh flowers & art.

Fill your home with beautiful things (whether from a thrift store, travels or elsewhere). Beauty reminds us of what matters.

3. Money.

What makes you feel like there’s enough? What makes you feel abundant? How much do you need to thrive?

Consider practices like:

  • A certain amount of cash in your wallet,
  • A dedicated savings account & practice (regardless of amount)
  • Donating to people & causes that move you
  • Surprise gifts for friends & family
  • Spending money on what you actually desire.
  • Subscribing to papers, magazines & patreons you care about
  • Supporting the arts
  • Contributing to a pension fund
  • Ethical banking (divesting)

A note: Money is often wielded unethically in the name of capitalism or power-over structures, but is not the same thing as capitalism itself. Billionaires should not exist, and simultaneously struggle does not serve the you or the world. Much of our experience with scarcity relates to money, and so cultivating an abundance practice with money – ethically, with care, intention and honouring collective values – is not at odds with anticapitalism or changemaking.

4. Practice Pleasure

As the wonderful adrienne maree brown says, ‘pleasure is not one of the spoils of capitalism’.

The more we can practice pleasure the more we cultivate a sense of enoughness & satiety: requirements for true collective abundance.

This might be eating a blueberry, enjoying the sun on your skin, watching the birds, drinking a latte, enjoying touch & sex, a slow yoga practice, dancing, singing or dinner with friends. Take your pick.

5. Use the ‘special occasion stuff’

Light the candle.

Serve the nice glasses & plates.

Put the dress on.

Wear the sexy underwear.

Open that nice soap.

Drink that champagne in the fridge.

6. Ask for more.

This might seem counterintuitive, but many of us aware of the injustice of capitalism are conditioned to ask for less (this is doubly particularly so for women, queer folx and people of colour).

Asking for more (money, time, resources, respect etc) is about knowing what we need to flourish, and believing that it’s possible.

Because your thriving is not at odds with a more beautiful world. Indeed, it’s a requirement.

What would you add? Let me know on Instagram here.