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Hey, I'm Laura.

I help changemakers & leaders to navigate the transitions of life, career and world.

Whether it is the climate crisis, ongoing racial injustice, war and violence or increasing misinformation, it is clear that our world is in radical need of remaking.  Many of the systems and stories that shape our world are in the process of composting, as new (and old) ones are reborn.

Navigating these transitions – flourishing through them – requires new leadership skills; ones that bridge our inner and outer worlds, that respect callings & emergence, and that acknowledge and work with power.

Here you’ll find courses on regenerative leadership, healing burnout culture and the inner work of unlearning capitalism and patriarchy, as well as 1:1 leadership coaching.  Want to chat? Just reach out.

Ways to Work Together…

From the blog

What's your role as a changemaker?

Here’s the thing about change and remaking the world: it requires each of us to play our role.  And not just any role – the role that we feel called to.

With this in mind, its helpful to know there’s a framework for changemakers of 3 major callings.

Disrupt: to shine a light on injustice, halt it in its tracks.

Heal/Aid: to help those impacted by injustice

Build: to build the systems that stand as the old ones fall… and history teaches us, they always do.

Find your role in the guide below.