Hey, There!
I’m Laura.

I’m an activist, writer and coach.

I’m also the founder of Public Love Enterprises, a school committed to helping changemakers unlearn and dismantle systems that inhibit our thriving, while visioning and seeding a more just, regenerative & loving world.  

Want to know more about me? Here I am, in 10 points.


  1.  My first fundraiser was for the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) when I was 17… but it didn’t go to plan. I organised sponsorship from a well-known juice company, wine cellar and a honey producer, and raised close to $300.  What I didn’t think of was how a pallet of fresh juice would also need a fridge…. or how leaving $300 in donations on the table might lead to it going missing…
  2. I am a climate and environmental activist, as well as an advocate & sometimes trainer of nonviolent direct action. I have also studied and train others in Kingian Nonviolence Conflict Reconciliation. 
  3. I grew up around coaching. My mother was not only a coach, but she owned a school that trained coaches. I lived and breathed the coaching and personal development world growing up, and it has shaped who I am.
  4. I am Type-A organised, a (recovering) perfectionist and sometimes go from 0-100 stressed real fast.
  5. This stress response led me to become a mindfulness & meditation teacher. I’ve ran large corporate workshops on mindfulness, and small, intimate classes. Stillness, I’ve learnt, can be a form of activism – a resistance to a world that tells us we should be always on, always consuming.
  6. I went to Bhutan in 2016 as part of a contingent of young changemakers to learn about Gross National Happiness, mindfulness and social change. This trip changed my life, making me a passionate advocate for wellbeing economics and robust public values.
  7. I’m a bit nomadic. I hail from Sydney, Australia, but currently call Canada home. I’ve also lived in London, Dublin and Amsterdam. 
  8. I am spiritual but not religious. I believe being spiritual has less to do with yoga & green juice (though I love both), and more to do with how we show up for ourselves and the world. Are we being loving? Are we listening? Are we honouring that which is true for us?
  9. I love to read. Like my Book Depository wishlist is 12 pages long.  Kazu Haga, adrienne maree brown, Colin Beavan, Stephen Jenkinson, Joanna Macy and Rob Hopkins are some of my greatest influences. I’m also obsessed with the On Being with Krista Tippett podcast.
  10. I put my heart and soul into my work, and so do the people I work with. We know that change isn’t just something that happens to us, but through us.  We need to build as we resist.  We need to heal as we end harm.  We need to liberate as we fight.
Laur Hartley Coaching for Climate Activists

the school for changemakers

Public Love Enterprises is committed to unlearning & dismantling structures and systems that inhibit our collective thriving, while visioning and seeding a more just, regenerative & loving world.  This work was born on the unceded lands of the Gadigal, Gayemaygal & Guringai people, and we pay respect to elders past, present & emerging.