Welcome to Public LovEd
An online school for changemakers.

Public LovEd – Public Love Education – is a liberatory space & online school, an initiative of Public Love Enterprises & Laura Hartley.

Our intention is to empower changemakers, activists & entrepreneurs to radically reimagine the world, while co-creating the conditions for social healing, collective thriving, & ultimately, liberation.

Unravelling each other from the legacies & impacts of capitalism & patriarchy, we aim to go to the root of problems, transforming both self and the world. 

Public LovEd operates within a framework of five principles:

1. Inner to Outer to Inner
We place our work at the intersection of inner & outer change, knowing that each effects the other.  We know that we are the systemSystems – whether patriarchy, capitalism, white supremacy or other – were created by humans, perpetuated by humans, and play out their impact out through humans.  As we work to change the system ‘out there’, we also work to change the conditions within us that consciously or unconsciously perpetuate & internalise the system.


2. Vision & Seed
We must be bold & ambitious enough to vision a more beautiful world. To believe in the vision we can feel in our hearts but not yet see with our eyes. We know that as we disrupt & challenge the world as it is, we must also vision and seed the world as it could be.

To dream deeper. To feel into the realm of possibilities. To trust in our power.  To be audacious enough to claim a new world, to name it and to embody it into existence.


3. Interconnection
In the words of artist & activist Lilla Watson, “If you have come here to help me you are wasting your time, but if you have come because your liberation is bound up with mine, then let us work together.”

We are not separate, but part of a deep, interconnected thread with all life.  Our work as changemakers includes honouring this connection, and disentangling ourselves from the mindsets of separation and domination.

In acknowledging our interconnection, we pay deep gratitude and respect to the diversity that shapes us.


4. Vocation
Vocation is a verb, a calling unique and belonging to each and every one of us. To live in this time, to recognise the crises we face, is to heed the first call of vocation: to listen.  To live our vocation is to listen to the callings that arise deep within each of us, to trust the emergent, and to bring forth what arises at the intersection of our purpose & passion.


5. Muscular, Adventurous, Public Love
To quote Krista Tippett, “Love is the most perilous and pleasurable of social technologies. Love is the most reliable muscle of human transformation. Love is more muscle than pathos.”

Love is the source of whole and radical transformation.

Public love is the expression of our care for each other and for our Earth at the centre of our public spheres: our politics, our workplaces, our communities.

It asks that we live its values of compassion, courage and creativity.

That we honour its emotions of grief, joy and anger.

That we rise up.  That we birth something new.

about public love ed

about the school for changemakers

Public Love Enterprises is committed to unlearning & dismantling structures and systems that inhibit our thriving, while visioning and seeding a more just, regenerative & loving world. This work was born on the unceded lands of the Gadigal, Gayemaygal & Guringai people, and we pay respect to elders past, present & emerging.