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Self Work as World Work.

Internalised Capitalism & Getting Free.

As changemakers, we heed the calling of this time to move the world from ‘as it is’ to as it could be.

But for many of us, it can feel like we’re just getting by. That there’s never enough time, change isn’t happening fast enough, and that no matter how much we do, it’s never quite enough. 

We do the world-work, while pushing through burnout, exhaustion or crippling perfectionism.

But there’s only so long we can push through.

That’s why we practice self-work as world-work. 

To lay the foundations of thriving in our bodies, experiences and lives. 

In this workshop we’ll be diving into one part of Self Work as World Work framework: Getting Free, dismantling burnout culture from the inside out so we can thrive together.

Hey, I’m Laura

I’m an activist, coach & founder of Public Love Enterprises; an online school for changemakers.

I help changemakers do self-work for world work, empowering changemakers to:

1. Get free, dismantling systems from the inside out

2. Get power to make real change in the world

3. Figure out what’s yours to do in this time

“Pull a thread here and you’ll find it’s attached to the rest of the world”

Nadeem Aslam

During This Live Workshop, You Will:


Understand how self-work & world-work are connected, and how the way we’ve internalised capitalism is leading to burnout, perfectionism and exhaustion.


Learn the tools of getting free, creating change from the inside out.  Because boundaries & self care help, but our culture also needs healing.


Learn to follow a new compass. Getting free means learning to orient around pleasure, creating the conditions for you – and the world – to thrive.

Yes, Reserve My Spot!

This is usually some spiel about how if you sign up now you’ll get a great bonus, or there’s limited spots and you better hurry, rush now. 

But I don’t believe in using artificial scarcity.  That’s capitalism in a nutshell.

You will however get a workbook to help you do the work of Getting Free, and there’s plenty of space in this workshop to join.

So if you feel like this is for you, sign up below.

The System Lives In Us


Self Work and World Work are intimately connected.  As we work on one, the other changes in response.

The work of Getting Free – of thriving in the world today – is laying the foundations of a more just & regenerative world in our own bodies.

Because until we’ve untethered ourselves from the world as it is we can’t experience the world as it could be.  

Save me a seat!

Choose your best time option below. Both workshops will be the same, offered for different time zones.

Option 1 – North America, Australia & New Zealand

Tuesday, May 16 – 7pm Toronto
Wednesday, May 17 – 9am Sydney 

Option 2 – North America & Europe

Tuesday, May 16 – 1pm New York | 6pm London

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We pay respect to the Gadigal and Gayemagal people on whose land this work was born.