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Burnout on a Burning Planet

Healing the roots of burnout in Self & World. 

Burnout is often framed as an individual problem.  A ‘resiliency deficit’ that can be cured with just a little more meditation or yoga.

This isn’t true though… at least not completely.

Meditation and yoga are transformative, but in and of themselves not cures for a toxic system.

To heal burnout we need to look to the personal and collective stories that drive us.

We need to look to capitalism & patriarchy.

We need an Internal Revolution. 

Hey, I’m Laura

I’m a coach bridging systems & self to help changemakers deepen their impact, while living their most meaningful life.

I believe self-work and world-work are deeply interconnected, and as we work on one, the other changes in response.

I created this work out of my own experiences with activism, exhaustion, queerness, rage, spirituality and shame. 

My hope is this workshop gives you the tools to start your journey in healing the roots of burnout in our culture. 

Here’s what the 1 hour will cover:


Learn the three major causes of burnout, and what you can do to stop the cycle.


Understand the link between burnout & the climate crisis – because the same systems driving our burning planet are also driving burnout.


Learn the tools and resources needed to heal burnout culture and create the conditions for personal and collective thriving. 

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This is usually some spiel about how if you sign up now you’ll get a great bonus, or there’s limited spots and you better hurry, rush now. 

But I don’t believe in using artificial scarcity.  That’s capitalism in a nutshell.

You will however get a workbook to help you do the work of Getting Free, and there’s plenty of space in this workshop to join.

So if you feel like this is for you, sign up below.

Burnout is a System Problem


Burnout isn’t fixed with a weekend off or more vacation time (though seriously – take both!). 

It’s a result of ways of working – paid and unpaid – that do not serve us.

And here’s the thing – you didn’t create those ways of working.

It’s a system problem manifesting in individuals and as such requires a two way lens.

First, in our bodies, hearts and minds. To know what matters to us, to honour the needs of our body, and to live in accordance with our values, truths and needs.

Secondly, in our communities and collective spaces.  Creating cultures of belonging that allow space for rest, play and imagination. Cultures that value relationship more than output. 

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Monday, 25 September 2023
4pm Pacific | 7pm Eastern

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Tuesday, 26 September 2023
9am Sydney | 11am New Zealand

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