Self Work is Part of System Change

One of our greatest necessities in the age of climate change is to shift our focus from the individual to the collective.

From solo tweaks to widespread system change.

As changemakers, this means our work is two-fold: working at the external level of the system, and also at the level of self.

Because every system has a mindset attached to it.

A set of values and beliefs that perpetuate and uphold it.

Much of the time, this belief system is unconscious. It operates in the background, with the sole aim of its self-perpetuation.

I call this work the work of getting free.

Of understanding the ways we’ve internalised systems, and challenging our participation.

Getting free is what allows us to reimagine the world.

To move beyond shifting dials and levers, to transforming the system and paradigm itself.

History is only destined to repeat itself when the root has never been examined and healed.

So the questions I’m holding for you are:

  1. What system are you wanting to transform?
  2. What thoughts, beliefs, attitudes and values uphold this system?
  3. What would it mean to challenge it from the inside out?

Laura x

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