Business for the Revolution

Because if business is going to change the world, we need to change the way we do business. 


Business can be activism.

Not through token displays of solidarity, or adopting small and distant goals of sustainability.

Business can be activism when we embody a radical shift in both how & why we work, stepping beyond capitalism (even the conscious kind), to create communities & cultures that thrive.

Business can be activism when it’s a model for new social & economic systems.

When it’s reflective of ease, pleasure, equity, prosperity and regeneration.

When it works to actively disrupt toxic systems of patriarchy, capitalism and white-body supremacy.

This is not your standard business course.

You’re not going to learn how to increase your ROI or pimp your social media. You won’t learn any bro-marketing techniques or how to scale for investors.

You will, however, discover Business Beyond Capitalism, and how to build both a business & world you love.

Why now?

The old world is failing us. Whether it’s the climate crisis, racial injustice or widening wealth inequality, it’s clear that systems are not designed for our wellbeing.

As business owners, we get to choose how we participate in these systems. Whether we prop up the inequities of old, the ones that continue to create the climate crisis & injustice we see today, or whether we reimagine the world & create something new.

Embedded in this time is a call to rise up.

To throw away the rule books.

To birth a new way of doing business.

Isn’t capitalism the same as business?

No! Business is an act that allows you to share your gifts, interests & talents, and be fairly compensated for your labour. It’s existed throughout time for thousands of years through trade and bartering.

Capitalism is a way of organising wealth & business, rooted in oppression & extraction. It has two defining features that we’ll be unlearning:

1. The pursuit of infinite growth on a finite planet (#helloclimatecrisis)

2. The artificial production of scarcity

So what about conscious capitalism?

Conscious capitalism is typically based on the triple bottom line – measuring people, planet & profit.

While far better for humanity & Earth than traditional capitalism, it’s still rooted in infinite growth & scarcity – conditions that lead to exploitation, extraction & disconnection.

We believe in a more beautiful world – in systems that are still being co-created. Post-capitalism is part of this, an emerging paradigm, without oppression, that we create together.

Hold up, post capitalism: does that mean I don’t make money?

No! Money & business is not the same thing as capitalism.

You do not serve the world by playing small, or playing broke, so you won’t hear that from me.

Let’s create a world of social, financial & ecological flourishing together.

Do you address systems like patriarchy or white-body supremacy?

Yes. Capitalism doesn’t exist in a vacuum. It was born out of patriarchy, and is both a parent & sibling to white-body supremacy. We need to address all three to create the more beautiful world.

The Breakdown

Week by week this is what you will learn…

Holding the world as it is

To chart our course somewhere new, we first need to establish where we are today. You’ll understand the concepts of capitalism, patriarchy, white-body supremacy (& more!), and how they’ve dominated and directed business for centuries.

Throwing these systems out the window, we’ll then start learning the new rules for thriving, feminist, post-capitalist businesses, using the five pillars of Business for the Revolution.

Now is the Time

The title says it all. This lesson is all about unpacking perfectionism & procrastination, that pesky ‘never-enough’ syndrome (a side-effect of capitalism) and gathering the courage & heart to make your impact now. No more waiting till you’re ready or the perfect moment – now is the time. #good-enough-to-go-safe-enough-to-try. This module will be relevant whether you’re a business pro or new to the scene!

Know Your Power

You’re more powerful than you think. Together, our power amplifies. Week 3 we’ll be breaking down power dynamics, unlearning the stories that prevent you from owning your power, and cultivating your power practices so you’ll be singing like you’re Nina Simone.

Integration Week

No class this week, just some space to integrate all we’re learning . You’ll still find help in the group for questions, shares & guidance.


Dream bigger. Yes, you read that right. However big you’re dreaming, dream bigger. You do not serve the world by playing small. This week we’ll be entering a collective time machine to help cultivate our vision for a more beautiful business, community & world. We’ll also be assessing our vision against three vital questions: How does this benefit? How might this harm? How accessible & inclusive is this vision?

Because the future is female – and antiracist, feminist, post-capitalist and pretty darn beautiful.

Money, Money, Money

Money is not good or bad – it’s completely neutral. A tool or resource for us to use. We’ll be separating money from our ideas of capitalism, empowering you to step into abundance (ain’t no scarcity in a post-capitalist world), and disrupting those harmful stories that keep us struggling. We’ll also take time to explore money & redistribution – because we haven’t all had the same opportunities create generational wealth, & this needs to change.

Unravelling Scarcity from Money, Mindset & Marketing

Scarcity is the engine of capitalist expansion, or so said Jason Hickel. Scarcity culture is what keeps us in that endless search for ‘more‘, that feeling of ‘never enough’, that sense that ‘we’re running out of time‘. A post-capitalist future means we need to unravel ourselves from artificial scarcity, recognising cycles, seasons & natural abundance.

Leadership for an Emergent World

We are the changemakers. We are the ones we’ve been waiting for. That means we need to embody real, wholehearted, regenerative leadership that allows us to take our place as culture-shifters in the world. Exploring hierarchical v regenerative patterns, cultivating your intuition & callings, and using your Head, Heart & Hands in action, we’ll have group discussion & practice sessions on what leadership might look like in the Emerging World.

Integration Week

No classes this week, just space to integrate. You can still reach the group for questions, shares & guidance.

Business Plan for the New Economy

We’re writing a living business plan. Not one of those stuffy, boring ones you need for the bank and won’t pull out for 5 years. Rather one that is forward thinking, considers the next generation and redefines the values and success metrics for your business. We’ll explore John Elkington’s 3P’s, how Gross National Happiness (the development model of Bhutan) could look in business, and breakdown some case studies of community-thriving businesses.

Mixing Business with Pleasure

They say you shouldn’t do this, but we know better. Let’s dismantle toxic patterns of overwork, extractivism, hustle culture & internalised capitalism. Let’s do business – but make it play. Make it pleasure. Make it whatever feels good to you.

Your best work comes from you feeling your best – so let’s start thriving.

Who is this for?

Business for the Revolution is for the fringe-dwellers, liberation-seekers, vision-holders & emergent-vibing co-creators who know there’s a new & more beautiful way to do business. Read this far? That’s you.

Entrepreneurs & Small Business Owners

Whether you’re a solopreneur or a small but rowdy band of do-gooders, Business for the Revolution is for suitable for all professions, industries & callings.

DEI Consultants, Coaches, Social Enterprises & Freelancers

Service based business looking to do good? Business for the Revolution is for you.

Billionaires with Rocket Ships

Yes, Jeff Bezos, you read that right. This program is about Business for the Revolution, and I invite you to get onboard.

Laura is a brilliant original thinker & synthizer”



$1495 AUD – total cost


$498.33 AUD p/m for 3 months


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What if I can't make a week? Will there be a recording?

Yes, each session will be recorded so you won’t miss a thing. You will gain the most however by attending live.

Are there any breaks?

Each call will go for about 90 minutes, and we have integration weeks in week 4 & 8 with no calls. This is to help you integrate the work into your business without overwhelm. We’ll still be here in the group for questions, shares & feedback.

Oh, and our calls are casual – bring tea, coffee, snacks, whatever you need to feel good.

Is it just live? Any downloads?

You’ll get worksheets & reflection points to download each week, which you can complete in your own time – plan about 30 minutes for this.

I don't have a business yet...

That’s okay – as long as you have a clear idea of what the business you’re starting is, and you intend to start it soon.

Can we talk? This sounds great but not sure if it's right for me.

Sure can. Send me an email at laura@laurahartley.com and we can hop on the phone to see whether it is right for you. No sales, just a genuine conversation about fit.