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The Public Love Project

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The Public Love Project

For dreamers, doers, activists & changemakers – and all those who believe in a more beautiful world – together, we explore how to remake the world and infuse our public spaces with radical love.

Through conversations with social change leaders, spiritual teachers & public thinkers, we explore topics of social healing, imagination, resilience, callings, self & collective care & love as a foundation for activism.

Fortnightly episodes empower you to grow your love skillsetexploring our response to current events, and how we can use our Head, Heart & Hands to practice public love.

The project comes to life each month with a direct call to action, inspiring and supporting you to bring love to the public spaces in your life.

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Why Love?

Love is a muscle of human transformation – Krista Tippett. 

Whether from the climate crisis or rising inequality, our lives depend on us creating urgent, transformative, healing changes to our way of living.  That we no longer depend on small, incremental changes, or retreating to the safety of our partisan bubble.  

Instead, liberation, healing & love must be at the centre of widescale, humanity-wide transformation.

Public love is the expression of our care for the earth, for each other & for life, within our public spheres; our communities, workplaces & politics.

We acknowledge the flipside of love in our public lives quite easily – hate crimes, fear of minorities or those seeking asylum, warmongering, ‘othering’ of our opponents… and yet we struggle to articulate the power, promise & possibilities of love.  

Public love is not passive, and has little to do with ‘niceness’ or politeness.  It is honest, disruptive & cares little for the status quo.  It asks for accountability above punishment, for compassion above safety and for love to be an embodied, radical, inclusive virtue above all else. 

Public love demands of us that we radically belong to each other, that we expand our imagination & creativity, and that we embody nonviolence in service to peace.

The Public Love Project will explore & encourage a new set of practices each month to expand our love skillset – stay tuned for more. 

Recent Episodes

Welcome to The Public Love Project

Through conversations with social change leaders, movement facilitators & public thinkers, we explore topics of spirituality, social healing, imagination, resilience, callings, self & collective care & love as a uniting call of activism.

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