Notes on a future now

Notes on a future now

Every one of us a living thread to the future.  The transformation we seek isn’t something that happens to us, that changes us in an instant or moment of time, rather it is living, breathing, emerging and birthing through us and as us in any given moment.  So how does this idea influence our relationship with change and time?

One of the hardest things we often grapple with is our relationship to time.  The change we seek is visible with our hearts before our eyes, but in a world where truth is determined only by what we can see, and we value most that which is physically present, it can be hard to stay the course in the face of seeming failure or stagnation.  Harder still, is the transformation we seek – to the degree that we seek – likely will not happen within our lifetimes.

I don’t say this to be pessimistic, but rather realistic.  Our work in crafting a more beautiful world is not about reaching utopia, today, tomorrow or even in 1000 years.  It is the work of becoming, of unfolding.  This work is not for us alone – it’s the work of every person, and every generation to come, to craft what is beautiful to them.  No matter how much urgency our work may demand, it isn’t ours to complete.

I once heard Stephen Jenkinson say that every generation has its own spirit work to do.  Our own way to right our relationship with the world, to each other, with ourselves, with our new and old ideas of what is sacred.

Your work and callings will not be the same as someone else’s.  Every arising within us is our calling to the future now.  What is your work? What is arising in you, now, asking to be lived?

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