On Afghanistan: Head, Heart & Hands in Action

Afghanistan head heart handsI don’t know about you, but I’ve been devastated by the news this week. Watching the scenes in Afghanistan has been heartbreaking, and I’ve had feeling of grief, anger & powerlessness wash over me.

It can be hard to know what to do with news so far away, so seemingly out of our control.

But we can let the enormity of our feelings freeze us into inaction, or we can use our rage & our grief to catalyse our head, heart & hands into action.

If you’re wondering what this might look like this week, the below are some options.

Head: Learn about Afghanistan – it’s history, culture, people, landscape. Its history is long & complex but if you’re reading this you likely come from a country that has played a role in that history for at least the last two decades (and for the US, UK, Russia and others, much longer).  If you’re needing a little more hope over this time, read the Kabul Peace House by Mark Isaacs.

Heart: Our anger stands as a gatekeeper to our love. Let us feel it, & let us use its spark, but may we allow love to guide our actions. This week, use your spiritual practice in offer of those who are suffering. Whether through prayer or loving-kindness meditation, offer your compassion each day to those that are suffering, your wish that they be free from suffering, and your prayer that peace be embodied.

Hands: Call your local representative – ask that they increase the amount of Afghan refugees being accepted, that they offer protection to any temporary Afghan visa holders, and that they support the visas of family who may still be in the country. 
Get involved with local refugee organisations in your area – you can volunteer or be part of a campaign to influence policy. Donate to organisations that are doing work on the ground like Ascend Athletics, BRAC, Mahboba’s Promise or others.

How can you use your head, heart & hands in service? What would you add to this?

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