Joy as Resistance

A few years ago when I was a little more active in climate organising, I was part of an affinity group with a penchant for dance actions.  We held space with dance and music, channelling our emotions into action, publicly declaring our intentions for a more just and regenerative world.

We used our joy as part of our resistance.

I love this method for so many reasons.

One, my experience matches that of Monica Hunken, who said “I’ve done a lot of actions and a lot of blockades and we always have more time in the space … with theater or dance or music,” before the police break up the scene. Sometimes, she says “the security guards might even enjoy it.”

And secondly, with influence from Kazu Haga’s wisdom, I believe that our movements can and should be spaces for healing.  Healing and art, in my experience, go hand in hand.

My calling to devote more time to art and activism is getting stronger again.  As I dip my toes back in, I’m conscious to call on the tools I teach in my burnout to thriving course, Internal Revolution.

(Yep – I need them too, and created this course for a reason).

For activism – and any form of changemaking – to be sustainable we need spaces that infuse and inspire our joy, as much as our rage.  That fill us back up.

Because I’m not interested (and I suspect, neither are you), in just  ‘avoiding burnout’.  I care about thriving.  Flourishing.  Living my most meaningful, exciting and impactful life.

So, if you’re curious to learn more, join the free workshop on July 27, From Burnout to Thriving.

I’ll be giving away one free spot at that workshop to my longer program, Internal Revolution starting in August, but whether you want or can join that, you’ll get lots of value from this workshop alone.

Love & courage


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