Online Activist Resilience Training

Free webinar for changemakers

Internal Revolution: From Burnout to Thriving

For changemakers who want to feel good while helping the world

Let’s be real – who hasn’t felt exhausted the last few years.

Sometimes it seems like one crisis after another, each arriving faster and faster, and our capacity to keep up is… challenged.  To put it mildly. 

It’s easy to think we should “just keep pushing”, but resilience is not endurance.  Resilience is in natural relationship to thriving.

So if you’re tired of feeling burnt-out, exhausted or like you’re losing your capacity give a damn, this workshop is for you.

Here’s what we’ll cover.


Burnout is not an individual failing, as much as certain industries would have us believe.  We’ll look at the root causes of burnout in our culture, so you can create lasting change.  


Meditation and “self care” help. But sometimes we treat them as bandaids on a gaping wound.  That’s why we’ll unpack the ways we’ve internalised systems around us, we can start to get free.

practical framework for culture detoxing

 You’ll walk away with a practical framework – starting with the body all the way through to collective care – to help you detox from culture and start to thrive again.

Hey, I’m Laura.

Activist, Writer & Founder of Public LovED

I’m the founder of Public LovED, an online school committed to helping changemakers unlearn and dismantle systems that inhibit our thriving, while visioning and seeding a more just, regenerative & loving world.

I started this work after my own experiences with burnout.  I would frequently find myself exhausted, sick, irritable and totally without my spark.  And this happened…. way too often. 

Here’s what I now know: struggle isn’t the way to make change.  And try as we might, we cannot serve the world when we’re exhausted, stressed, and running on empty. 

Your deepest impact – and right now, the world needs your impact – comes when you’re living your most meaningful, and thriving, life.

Join me for the free workshop on Internal Revolution, and reclaim your energy and joy in action.  

Grab the workbook…

Just for signing up. 

This isn’t ‘one-time’ work.  There is no quick, easy button to press and unlearn the systems that do not serve us. That’s why you’ll receive a workbook to takeaway, to integrate the work into your life, and make your own Internal Revolution. 

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Wednesday, 27 July at 11am AEST

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