You Can Say No: The Sound of Self-Compassion

Facilitated by Rachel Butt, wondrousound, and in dialogue with Laura Hartley. 

Wednesday, April 10: 1pm EST | 7pm CEST

In these challenging and potent times many of us are waking up to visions of a new world where we live in greater harmony with ourselves, others and the earth. The pain of sacrificing our inner wellbeing to serve social systems that harm the whole has reached a tipping point and it’s time to take our power back with gentleness and joy. 

In this workshop you will ground in soothing sound and take a peek at developing the art of self awareness, self care and self advocacy to help you live in harmony with your inner sound and communicate it clearly with confidence and love for the benefit of all.

Join us Wednesday, April 10: 10am PDT | 1pm EDT | 6pm BST | 7pm CEST

Facilitated by Rachel Butt, hosted by Laura Hartley.

About Rachel:
Rachel Butt of wondrousound is a meditator, artist and warrior with a background in music, law and social justice advocacy. Seeing deeply how a new world arrives through us, she integrates 10+ years experience in the advocacy sector with training in mindfulness, meditation and the yoga of sound to create a holistic approach to self advocacy that truly serves ourselves and the making of a new world.

Rachel Butt