‘==Laura has a gift for coaching, she is a natural.  Her ability to see clearly and get to the crux of issues, and to remain focused while gently facilitating insights and epiphanies is quite extraordinary.  Laura not only coached me on my life challenges, but also on my work with the NGO that I founded seven years ago.  She managed to shine a light of clarity on how I could best present my personal journey, which allowed me to deliver amazing presentations.

Working with Laura is like having a best friend holding your hand and helping you to be your very best version in the most loving way.


I signed up for coaching with Laura at a point when I was very upset not just with how things were at work, but with my life decisions. I felt apathetic, directionless, demotivated and overwhelmed.  

Laura listened patiently, without letting me fall in my victim story, always helping me through with intelligent and insightful questions and comments to find where my self sabotaging came from. She helped me see my potential, my strengths and what I can achieve. 

Laura is brilliant at asking the right questions that enable anyone to find the answers needed. She is extremely professional and very collaborative, and listens with her whole being, making you feel like you are her only concern.


Laura has a unique way of getting down to the basics and helping you search deep into your soul to find answers.


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