Are you results or process oriented?

Regenerative Work regenerative work

Our world is all about results. Did we hit our targets? Did we achieve our KPI’s? How strong were our campaign metrics? Did the action succeed or fail?

Our measurements of success and our motivation become enmeshed with the goal or end product, with something that is never actually here and always somewhere in the past or future.

Regenerative work is about the process as much as the results.

It’s about the quality of our relationships.

It’s about the experiences we are having right here, right now, as much as our desired future.

As Kazu Haga beautifully writes, the spirit of which we engage in the work of transformation will be reflected in the change we create (if you haven’t read his book, you can find it here).

We benefit from understanding that the way we engage with our work, the energy we bring, is also the work.

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