Internal Revolution

For changemakers to say goodbye to burnout, and hello to thriving. 

A 5 week online course supporting you to lay the foundations of flourishing in your life & community. 

We deserve a world where everyone can flourish.

And for that, we need to look at our cultural roots. 

Thriving is the natural result of the right conditions.  Just like when a plant receives the right sunlight, rain, nutrients and soil, it thrives – so too do we.

But our culture isn’t built on the conditions of thriving.

It’s built on systems of harm. Systems of endless output, and endless consumption. Systems that continually devalue our body, our time, our energy in the endless pursuit of growth.  

And in these conditions, burnout is a natural response.

But it doesn’t have to be this way.

Another world is possible.

Our role as changemakers is to embody another path. 

To lay the foundations for thriving in our lives, communities and organisations.

Because our deepest impact follows our most meaningful, thriving life. 

If you’re ready, read on. 

This course may be for you if:

Taking Time Off Comes With a Healthy dose of guilt

Capitalism & patriarchy demand two things of women: that we put our needs second, and that we never stop producing.  When we internalise these messages (#internalisedcapitalism) we get a healthy dose of guilt when we take time out for rest or pleasure.

you're tired of running on empty all the time

Maybe the gas tank is empty, you’ve abandoned the car, but you’re still running without time to refuel.  This is your reminder that it’s okay to slow down.  That urgency doesn’t always mean working faster. That we can only find direction when we pause to listen. 

You're - rightly - pissed

I don’t know a single woman who’s reached burnout without also feeling angry.  Rage at the continued demands to do it all, rage at the ongoing call to put your needs second, rage you maybe don’t know what to do with.

you're always there to help others... but you can wait

Always there to lend a helping hand, or pick up the slack when a team member is away, or volunteer with that task no-one wanted? But then struggle to prioritise your own needs or boundaries? This course is for you. 

Burnout is a system problem

It’s not a weakness, inadequacy or something we end by ‘being stronger’ or ‘pushing through’.

It’s a result of ways of working that do not support us, and a symptom of a dysfunctional society.

It’s a system problem manifesting in individuals and so there is work to do at two levels. 

First, within us – our bodies, hearts and minds. Understanding the ways we have internalised the messages of culture, and returning to what feels authentic and true. 

Secondly, as a community, in how we come together, the working styles we embody and our relationship to conflict, scarcity and belonging.

We need to stop thinking of resilience as endurance, and instead treat it as a product of thriving.

Who’s this for?


I work with activists, changemakers and all those who know a more just & regenerative world is possible.

Whatever outward form your work takes…

You feel things.

You see things.

And you know another world is possible.

But you also know if we’re to create the cultural & systemic shifts we need, then we need new ways of living, working and thriving.

“Internal Revolution has been the most rewarding, lovely, compassionate, gentle, focused, and yet medicinal program that has healed wounds and given me new ways to go forward.”

I have spent my entire professional career working in the nonprofit world across a range of disciplines from the arts to social justice. And the settings just became harder and harder and harder to tolerate and finally I stopped. All of it. Sat on a chair. Looked out the window at clouds. So burned out that I couldn’t… I just couldn’t.

Internal Revolution has been the most rewarding, lovely, compassionate, gentle, focused, and yet medicinal program that has healed wounds and given me new ways to go forward. Laura is a brilliant original thinker and synthesizer and I looked forward to the lessons and the calls. My co-participants were wonderful as well. I could be safe and honest and well-met. I look forward to participating in more of Laura’s work.

Inside this program

The Breakdown

Here’s what we cover in Internal Revolution

Mapping the territory


You’ll learn the four major causes behind changemaker burnout, looking at both the personal and systemic viewpoints.  We’ll explore the manifestations of internalised capitalism & patriarchy, and how you can start Getting Free. 

the body and stress


When we talk about stress, it’s easy to focus on the ‘stressor’, missing the physical toll of stress in the body. Thriving isn’t just about the external condtiions, it’s about being able to recognise what is happening in our bodies, and what we need.  The module focuses on reconnecting you to your body using embodiment practices and awareness practices. 

needs and boundaries


Real Self Care isn’t bubble baths or face masks or anything you need to buy.  It’s meeting your physical, emotional and spiritual needs. This week helps you learn to identify and meet your core needs, so that you can nourish to wholeness, and set strong boundaries to protect your time and energy.



Stories are just beliefs. They are the way that we make sense of the world.  We look at the stories we carry, and how they can perpetuate a sense of stress & danger or a foundation of thriving.  This is the week you’ll be laying strong, regenerative foundations on which to base your work, so that you can stay for the long haul.

Collective thriving


We look at collective burnout practices, and how you can shift the micro-cultures of your community to promote flourishing. Because burnout is not an individual problem – it’s a symptom of a toxic culture.  You’ll learn the tools and resources needed to end hustle culture and foster regenerative ways of working. 

“I recommend this course to anyone wanting to flourish in our work for a fairer world.”

After doing Laura’s course I am better equipped to care for myself and others in my team, so we can thrive in the long-term to keep working for change. Some concepts were new and confronting like “internalised capitalism”. Some concepts were revived, like listening to my body in fresh ways to know when to set boundaries. Reflecting on “norms” of how we wrok together was also very useful. I have changed the way I relate to my team, and now allow more space for fun and re-energising “non-productive” activities. Laura was a caring and articulate presenter and facilitator. I recommend this course to anyone wanting to flourish in our work for a fairer world.

Course Dates

Internal Revolution begins on Monday, October 9 2023 with the first access to content. 

Each week you’ll receive access to video content, reflection prompts and worksheets.

Live 90 minute coaching calls will take place each week of the course to go deeper.

These calls will be recorded if you can’t make it, and will take place on:

Session 1
Monday, October 16
4pm Pacific | 7pm Eastern
10am, Tuesday October 17 in Sydney AEDT

Session 2
Monday, October 23
4pm Pacific | 7pm Eastern
10am, Tuesday October 24 in Sydney AEDT

Session 3
Monday, October 30
4pm Pacific | 7pm Eastern
10am, Tuesday October 31 in Sydney AEDT

Session 4
Monday, November 6
4pm Pacific | 7pm Eastern
11am, Tuesday November 7 in Sydney AEDT

Session 5
Monday, November 13
4pm Pacific | 7pm Eastern
11am, Tuesday November 14 in Sydney AEDT


Internal Revolution is $487 AUD – approximately $315 USD.

You can pay in full, or over two monthly payments on payment plan.

A limited number of scholarships are available for unwaged activists. Please email laura@laurahartley.com with why you would like to join the program and your situation to be considered.

Course Plus Coaching: This option is best if you’re looking for deeper support in shifting burnout or burnout culture.  In addition to joining Internal Revolution, you’ll receive six 1:1 coaching sessions to help plant the seeds of thriving in your life and community.  If you’d like to pay the course & coaching over a payment plan please email me for options. 

“I highly recommend this course for those working – whether paid or unpaid – in fields of change making and activism.”

I enrolled in the Internal Revolution course because, as a climate and environmental activist, I felt like I was embroiled in an enormous battle and sometimes this was overwhelming. I am committed to the long haul, so I needed to learn a better way to avoid burnout, to manage my everyday life and work, and to find ways to thrive. 

Laura is a wise teacher. She is compassionate and down-to-Earth. It was great that, although the course adopted a wholistic reflection and coaching approach, the material was soundly aligned with recent scientific research on the mind, the brain, the body and mindfulness.

Through the course I have developed a deep understanding of how I can work in ways that support me. I learned tools and strategies to help avoid burnout so I can answer my calling in ways that are sustainable rather than depleting.

I highly recommend this course for those working – whether paid or unpaid – in fields of change making and activism.

Frequently asked questions

When will I get access to this program?

You’ll get access to the module’s videos and worksheets starting Monday, October 9.  The material will inform the coaching calls, which start on Monday, October 16.

How is the content delivered?

You’ll receive videos, audio & worksheets you can watch at your own pace, but will line up with our weekly live community calls.

Recordings will be available if you cannot make the live call.

Refund policy

Refunds are not available for change of mind.

If your circumstances have changed, please email me and we can discuss refund options or transferring the value to coaching sessions. 

Question not answered?

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