workshop: october 25

Finding What’s Yours

Vision & Vocation in an Uncertain World.

We live in urgent & uncertain times, with so much to be composted and reimagined in the world.

But where do we begin?

How do we find our role in remaking the world?

Can we imagine what a more just, regenerative & beautiful world even looks like?

If you’re wanting:

  • To reconsider from the “standard” life or career path, and find what’s truly yours to do in this world
  • To deepen your impact, while also living your most meaningful life, or
  • Power your imagination to vision & share a more just & regenerative world,

This workshop is for you.

Hey, I’m Laura


I’m an activist and coach supporting changemakers to Get Free, Steward Power and Find What’s Theirs to do in this time.

I bridge systems thinking & self work to explore the root causes & conditions of the problems we face in the world – and empower you with the tools to make deep change, from the inside out.

My work is rooted in the urgency and reality of climate change, but also in a vision of a more just, regenerative and beautiful world.

I believe that each of us has a role to play in remaking the world, and we make the path by walking. 

Want to learn more? Reach out.

Here’s what the 2 hours will cover:


You’ll enter a revolutionary time machine to the future, and explore your neighbourhood, world and job in the year 2033.  Don’t worry though – this isn’t a dystopic vision… this is the world as it could be.


Returning back to 2023, you’ll learn about the different roles necessary for remaking the world, and discover whether you’re a disruptor, healer or builder.  You’ll learn the unique strengths of each role. 


Using a contemplative approach, you’ll be given the tools and space to explore your most meaningful role in this time, as well the stories that have shaped your path till now. The intention is for you to leave connected and inspired to your vision, purpose & next best step.

Who’s this for?

Folx who are committed to creating a flourishing & thriving world for all.

So whether you’re an activist, artist, feminist, changemaker, non-profiteer, healer or coach – whatever outward form your work takes – if you know another world is possible, this is for you.

Impact Follows Meaning


We live at a choice point in history, the unfolding climate crisis makes this clear.

So too does war, injustice, racism and the myriad crises we face. 

The default response to this urgency though is usually to do more! push harder! act now!

We put to the side our dreams, unable to see how they could intersect with the healing of the world.

We ignore our physical, emotional and spiritual needs because nothing else matters

But this model isn’t world-changing.

In fact, it’s the essence of capitalism and its quest for infinite growth, and obsession with scarcity & urgency. 

Rather, I believe that Impact Follows Meaning. 

That our deepest impact in the world – that thing that only we can do – is found through living our most meaningful life. 

Because the world needs activists & politicians driving change… but it also needs healers, creatives, farmers, artists, engineers, nurses, coaches.  It needs all of us remaking the world to a place that fosters our love, belonging and thriving.

Come join.

Price & Details

This two hour workshop will be live & interactive on Wednesday, October 25 2023

9am Pacific | 12pm Eastern | 5pm UK | 6pm CET

Can’t attend live? No worries – a recording will be sent around.

The workshop costs $120 AUD (approx $75USD or £60).

Early Bird Pricing is available with the code REGENERATIVE at check-out before October 17, to join for $95 AUD (approx $60USD or £50).



Refunds for live classes are not available.

You’ll have access to the recording of the workshop, as well as the workbook, which you can work through at your own pace.

I thank you for understanding in signing up and trust your consideration.

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We pay respect to the Gadigal and Gayemagal people on whose land this work was born.