Coaching for Changemakers

Helping you remake the world.

Empowering changemakers & culturemakers to find their next best step. 

You’re here to remake the world.

I’m here to help.

As cultural wayfinders, we’re making a new world. One that includes justice, love and equity for all people, and all life.

But figuring out what is yours to do in this time takes skill.

You could do another course, or google career options one more time (or even stay on the path you’re on and keep waiting ‘for the right time’).

Or you can do the deep work to learn what’s yours to do in this time.

Because each of us has callings.

Each of us has a sacred vocation.

And in the age of climate change, we need all of us walking our true path towards a regenerative future.


Now is The Time

You can’t just ignore what’s happening to our world.

You feel things.

You see things.

And you know change is possible.

But with so much that needs helping, it’s easy to become overwhelmed, stressed or going around in circles with perfectionism & imposter syndrome.

It’s easy to try and do ALL OF THE THINGS… because all the things need doing right?!

But try as we might, ‘ALL of the things’ don’t belong to us.

Our job is to find what does.

To follow our inner compass, creating thriving lives and communities for all.

The world needs activists.

But it also needs entrepreneurs & feminist business owners.

It needs artists making meaning of this time, expressing our love and our grief. 

It needs a whole new kind of culture-maker, calling in more than calling out. 

It needs healers & helpers who work to mend our bodies, hearts and minds. 

It needs farmers and engineers and scientists working to reimagine our world, and visionaries to stretch the boundaries of our imagination.

It needs all of us. 

What’s your role? 

Laura is brilliant at asking the right questions that enable anyone to find the answers needed. She is very collaborative, and listens with her whole being, making you feel like you are her only concern.


Laura’s ability to see clearly and get to the crux of issues, and to remain focused while gently facilitating insights and epiphanies is quite extraordinary.  Laura not only coached me on my life challenges, but also on my work with the NGO that I founded seven years ago.  She managed to shine a light of clarity on how I could best present my personal journey, which allowed me to deliver amazing presentations.


Thank you for entering my sphere of influence: the ideas you shared
POWERFULLY resolved some 15-year mullings and tanglings for me.


Why coaching?


Ever read a book or been to a workshop and left feeling uber-inspired? That sense of power and possibility coursing through you?

And then a week later been back to day-to-day routine feeling like it was just a dream?

You’re not alone.  Books & workshops are wonderful, transformative tools, but we need space and containers to integrate the work into our lives. 

We need sounding boards to understand how the work applies to our specific situation.  We need accountability, support and networks.

This is what coaching is for.  

If you’re trying to figure out your next best step, or what you have to offer in this time, book in below. 


You're not here to sit and watch the world burn

You’re here to gain power to analyse, challenge & disrupt systems of oppression.


You’re here to get free to create communities with just, regenerative and equitable foundations.


You’re here to build skills to wayfind and navigate our culture through its apocalypse and into a more beautiful world.


If you’re ready to skill up and find what’s yours to do in this time, book in below. 

Who’s this for?

I work with folx who are committed to creating a flourishing & thriving world for all.

So whether you’re a changemaker, culturemaker, artist, healer, activist, decoloniser, rebel or fringe-dweller – whatever outward form your work takes – if you know another world is possible, then this coaching is for you.

Laura has a unique way of getting down to the basics and helping you search deep into your soul to find answers.



We’ll work together over 4 sessions at a total cost of $720AUD and you can book in directly here.

If you’re wanting to work deeper in areas of power, shame & regenerative leadership, you can check out Regenerative Leadership Coaching, a six month coaching program for impact-driven leaders.

Learn more in the FAQ or book a free discovery call to decide if we’re a good fit.

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Regenerative Leadership

This six month coaching container is for purpose-driven leaders wanting to explore power, shame & leadership. 

Discovery Calls

Want to talk more about if this is for you? Discovery calls are not about ‘closing the deal’ or selling you a pitch.  It’s a genuine, 30-min chat to get clear on your goals and understand whether we’re a good fit for working together.

You’ll have the chance to ask me anything, do the “vibe-check” (which, is a totally real thing that we both should follow) and discover how I can support you and your changemaking.

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