From Burnout to Thriving:
Coaching for Changemakers

If you’re feeling burnt-out, wondering how you’ll handle a new challenge coming your way, or just want help Getting Free of hustle culture, this is for you. 

Burnout is a system problem, and the rate we say today is a direct result of the structures of capitalism & patriarchy.  That’s why healing burnout culture is twofold:

Self-Work & World-Work.  

Changemaker Burnout: Looking to the Root

When we plant something in the garden, and it doesn’t grow, we don’t blame the plant.

We don’t yell at it, or give it a pep talk, or compare it to the neighbouring kale plant and say, “Hey, look, kale’s doing fine! Why can’t you tomato!?”.


Instead, we look to the conditions.  The soil. The rain. The sunlight. The quality of the nutrients.

We don’t just blame the plant.

And it’s the same with us and burnout.

Burnout is not a failing, nor is it cured with adding more wellness tasks on an endless to-do list.

It’s a result of the wrong conditions.

And when we create the right ones, thriving is what happens naturally.

In this coaching we’ll be looking to the root of culture – and how it plays out in us – so we can all start to thrive.


 The Truth About Burnout


One of the greatest myths sold to us about burnout is that it is somehow an individual problem.

That you just need to ‘practice resilience’, or maybe meditate a bit more and you’ll feel fine. Keep calm and carry on, right? 

Now, don’t get me wrong: meditation is transformative – I practice & teach it.

But in and of itself it’s not a cure for a toxic culture.

Burnout is directly linked to capitalism & patriarchy – both the external structures, but also the ways in which we have internalised the messages of these systems.

Messages of scarcity, shame, never-enoughness. 

Messages that keep everything urgent and fast, with no value for rest or redirection. 

Messages that have us overriding our body compass, discombobulating our values and living our lives as though they’re someone else’s.

Recognising the cultural conditions of burnout though doesn’t mean there’s nothing you can do, or that you’re destined to be burnt out forever

Rather, this is the first step of Getting Free. 

Our work in coaching is to examine the conditions leading to burnout in your life and community, and together to plant the seeds of your thriving.

Because you’re not looking to just ‘get by’ – you’re looking to flourish

Laura is brilliant at asking the right questions that enable anyone to find the answers needed. She is very collaborative, and listens with her whole being, making you feel like you are her only concern.


Laura’s ability to see clearly and get to the crux of issues, and to remain focused while gently facilitating insights and epiphanies is quite extraordinary.  Laura not only coached me on my life challenges, but also on my work with the NGO that I founded seven years ago.  She managed to shine a light of clarity on how I could best present my personal journey, which allowed me to deliver amazing presentations.


Thank you for entering my sphere of influence: the ideas you shared
POWERFULLY resolved some 15-year mullings and tanglings for me.


Why coaching?


Ever read a book or been to a workshop and left feeling uber-inspired? That sense of power and possibility coursing through you?

And then a week later been stuck in day-to-day routine and feeling like it was just a dream?

You’re not alone.  Books & workshops are wonderful, transformative tools, but we need space and containers to integrate the work into our lives.  We need sounding boards to understand how the work applies to our specific situation.  We need accountability, support and networks.

This is what coaching is for. 

Burnout on a Burning Planet.

It’s no surprise that burnout is an epidemic right as the planet is burning up.

The climate crisis & burnout both have roots in the same place: capitalism.

The hard bit? Burnout stunts impact. 

Our creativity & imagination, two of the most vital tools needed in this time, need rest, space and play to work their best.

And part of healing the climate crisis means unlearning the ways we have internalised capitalism, doing the deep work of Getting Free. 

So if you’re wanting to deepen your impact and live a life that is meaningful, joyful, and fun, book in for an intro chat below. 

Who’s this for?

Changemakers, activists and all those who know another world is possible.

Maybe you work in a non-profit, b-corp, or social enterprise; or you spend your free time involved in community organising, activism or volunteering. 

Whatever it is you do, if you believe in a more just and regenerative world, this space is for you. 

Laura has a unique way of getting down to the basics and helping you search deep into your soul to find answers.


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