Being Positive Does Not Mean Ignoring Injustice

Being positive does not mean ignoring injustice.

I’m gonna say this again for those in the back – being positive does not mean ignoring injustice.

There’s an idea in the spiritual/new age world that we shouldn’t follow the news or stay up-to-date with ‘negative’ (read: unjust) things happening, because to do so gives them more energy and it’s not what we want to create.  You know – love and light.

This is the ultimate in ‘spiritual bypassing’ though. To deny somebody else’s lived experience because it makes you uncomfortable and isn’t what you want to create isn’t being positive – it’s the result of privilege and perpetuating oppression & the status quo.

Being positive may mean that we have cultivated a faith inside ourselves of a more beautiful world, one that we cannot see yet with our eyes. It may mean that we seek out good news, because the world as it exists does not feed it to us.

Being positive means while we are aware of the injustice of the world, we cultivate a mindset and practice that allows us to consciously respond to it, rather than react to it.

Being positive means we have allowed ourselves to practice a conscious and active hope.

But being positive never means ignoring reality, and it never means ignoring injustice.

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